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Rhythm Ultimatum and Tap Works KL presenting to you the Kuala Lumpur Tap Festival 2018.
KLTF2018 comprising a 4-days Tap Workshops + 1 Festival Concert.
Come and join us for a fun & inspiring 4 days festival to learn, share, network and of course to experience the beautiful art form of Tap Dancing.

Stay tune for more upcoming updates!

For further information & inquiry:
Email: kltapfestival@gmail.com

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Kuala Lumpur Tap Festival (KLTF) 2018

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Click Here for: KLTF 2018 Registration Form  or Email: kltapfestival@gmail.com

Promo Terms & Conditions:
(1) Full payment must be made for every KLTF2018 signed Up 
      [1 individual = 1 SignUp]
(2) Each KLTF2018 sign up will be entitled to 1 (one) promo code (10% discount) to be used for 1 (one) “Check-Out” when making the purchase for PMJ ticket(s). The discount for any unpurchased quantity within the “Check-Out” limit will be forfeited. 
      [Each “Check-Out is limited to max. 6 tickets only]
(3) 10% Discount is subjected to the purchase of show tickets only as below:-
      <a> Upper Floor: RM328 (seated)
      <b>Rock Zone: RM238 (free standing)
(3) All PMJ ticket purchases must be made via http://www.aiticketing.com/home and are subjected to availability during the purchase. No reservations or bookings will be entertained.
(4) All other terms governing the ticketing & the event are to be bound by the terms & conditions as stated by the event organizer(s) and ticketing agenc(ies)
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Kuala Lumpur Tap Festival (KLTF) 2018

TVM 1806_KLTF2018 Faculty v3

Kuala Lumpur Tap Festival (KLTF) 2018

KL Tap Festival 2018
Thursday (6th December) Schedule

KL Tap Festival 2018
Thursday (6th December 2018) Schedule

KL Tap Festival 2018
Friday (7th December) Schedule

TVM 1806_KLTF2018 Friday Schedule

KL Tap Festival 2018
Saturday (8th December) Schedule

TVM 1806_KLTF2018 Saturday Schedule

KL Tap Festival 2018
Sunday (9th December) Schedule

TVM 1806_KLTF2018 Sunday Schedule

Previous Tap Festival

KL Tap Festival 2017 Banner 170622

“Kuala Lumpur Tap Festival 2017, KLTF2017”
2017 marks the very First Tap Festival in Malaysia, brought to you by Rhythm Ultimatum & Tap Voice Malaysia of a 9 hours of Tap Workshops + 1 mini concert by Tap Instructors from Japan, Singapore & Malaysia.

Faculties comprising: Ton Tomoni, RonxII, Toh Kong Eu,  CM Foh, Brian Ang, Alicia Loo, Alexandra Hsieh