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Rhythm Ultimatum + Tap Works KL + Tap Voice Malaysia presenting to you the KUALA LUMPUR TAP DANCE FESTIVAL 2019

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the Schedule 

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the Faculty

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Yono Lee (South Korea)

Yono Lee is a Seoul based Tap Dancer, Choreographer, and Teacher, as well as the Founder and CEO of Yono Company and Show Director of “Get All Right” Live Bar. He was trained in Tap and Theater dance in New York, where he attended the ‘Broadway Dance Center, BDC’ and the studio ‘Steps on Broadway’ during 2015. He majored in Theatre in university. 
Over the last few years, Yono has been incredibly active in the South Korean Tap Dance scene, He was a member of the Tap dance company ‘Tap-Kun’ (2008-2014); and he has produced and directed multiple Tap dance shows, including ‘All That Rhythm’ and ‘The Woodpecker’s Morning’ since 2012. Yono also has organised, co-organised and taught at multiple Tap Festivals in Seoul. He also choreographed and produced the opening act for the Afreeca TV BJ (Broadcast Jockey) Awards in 2018. 
In 2017, Yono was invited to be the main choreographer for the Korean Blockbuster Tap Movie “Swing Kids” starring EXO member Do Kyungsoo and American Tap dancer Jared Grimes. Since hitting the box office in December 2018, the movie has made over USD $ 10 million and counting. For the movie, Yono was awarded “Best Staff” throughout the production. Yono also choreographed for a short film “Yuwol” in 2018.
TVM Web Portrait Pic (280x372cm)_Jiang.pptx

Jiang ShaoFeng (China)

The best Tap dancer in China, having won the first prize in the American Atlanta tap dance competition in 2011 and the title of “Transboundary Dancer of the Year” in 2015. Jiang is great at using his feet and the earth as a percussion instrument, using different materials and electronic effects to turn Tap Dance into a special form of music. 
Jiang also is a hand-pan percussionist, a special instrument invented in 2000, using the sounds of the universe. Jiang combines material arts and dance rhythms to create beautiful sounds with his hands, making him special from the rest. Jiang creates his personal style by combining the Kattam beats of India with an old mouth organ from Russia. The combinations of these instruments with various experiential sampling creates a new sound for Jiang to dance to. 
Jiang is both an accomplished dancer and musician.
TVM Web Portrait Pic (280x372cm)_Caitlin

Caitlin Johnson (USA)

Caitlin Johnson is from the United States, where she trained and performed as a Tap Dancer. She was a member of the Penn State Tapestry Dance Company (2007-2011); Dynamix Tap Company (2014-2015); Touche Tap Company (2014-2015); Boston Tap Company (2012-2015) and Boston Conservatory’s Subject: Matter Tap Company (2013-2015).
In 2015, she followed her dream to live abroad by moving to Singapore, and now lives in Hong Kong where she performs and teaches Tap Dance while working at an international school. Tap Dance has always been her passion and she feels blessed to have opportunities like this to share this art form which continuously motivates her while bringing her strength and happiness.
TVM Web Portrait Pic (280x372cm)_Claudia

Claudia Gaillard (France)

Claudia Gaillard has been Tap dancing consistently for the last 17 years, attending regular classes or workshops with top professional dancers from all across the globe. Hailing from France, Claudia consistently travels to learn from the best such as Ruben Sanchez, Guillem Alonso, Derick Grant, Aaron Tolson, etc. 
Claudia has just completed her double degree in Master of Science in Finance from the Grenoble Graduate School of Business in Singapore. 
Claudia has attended Tap festival workshops and classes in France, Switzerland, United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, China and even Singapore.
TVM Web Portrait Pic (280x372cm)_Kevin

Kevin Teo (Singapore)

Kevin started Lindy Hop in August 2012 after watching a bunch of happy Lindy Hoppers dancing at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) with a live band. He was given a good nurturing environment by 2 great local teachers, Brian Ang and Sinclair Ang. 
A lot of opportunity to volunteer in extra classes for consecutive 1.5 years and he quickly picked up advance skills and techniques, thereafter he was recruited into the performance team by Jazz Inc in 2013 for which he has done gigs for numerous companies such as D&D and Esplanade’s Dains Festival. He started to teach kids classes for Jazz Inc in late 2014 and adult classes in late 2015. He has been teaching for Timber Live as well since 2016, SIT, and Leading Ladies for B Swing Lindy. 
He has participated in the International Lindy Hop championship in 2017 and 2018 to compete and refine his dancing. Till date he has not stop learning and he believes the best way to improve is to keep dancing.

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Previous Tap Festival

Web Banner 35x10_KLTDF 180518

Rhythm Ultimatum and Tap Works KL had jointly organised the Kuala Lumpur Tap Festival 2018 (6th – 9th December 2018).

KLTF2018: 4-days Tap Workshops + Showcase.

The faculties were:

  • RonxII – 5-hr Residency / Intermediate Workshop / Slide Workshop (Intermediate)
  • Thomas Wadelton – Relax Technique (Adv. Beg) / Fiddly Things (Advanced) / Conscious Listening & The Art of Multitasking 1 & 2 (Intermediate – Advanced) / Bill Robinson & Standing On One’s Toes (Intermediate)
  • Ton Tomomi – Advanced Workshop
  • Bryan Foo – Leon Collins Adaptations 1 & 2 (Beginner – Intermediate)
  • Kong Eu – On The Charts (Intermediate)
  • Brian Ang & Kevin Teo – “Tap” – A History Rooted In America Vernacular Jazz (Festival Talk)
  • Pixie Ng – Taster Class (Absolute Beginners)
  • Shueh Miin – Tips in Rhythm Tap Workshops
KL Tap Festival 2017 Banner 170622

“Kuala Lumpur Tap Festival 2017, KLTF2017”
2017 marks the very First Tap Festival in Malaysia, brought to you by Rhythm Ultimatum & Tap Voice Malaysia of a 9 hours of Tap Workshops + 1 mini concert by Tap Instructors from Japan, Singapore & Malaysia.

Faculties comprising: Ton Tomoni, RonxII, Toh Kong Eu,  CM Foh, Brian Ang, Alicia Loo, Alexandra Hsieh